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About Us



Located in Worclaw, Lower Silesia, Polski Solar is an industry leader in the development and construction of solar photovoltaic power plants in Poland.

The company plans to commence construction of a 10 Megawatt designer solar PV power plant early next year after participation in the upcoming energy auctions. An additional 3MW will follow. Located in Jelenia Gora, the uniquely designed installation will feature the shape of reclining deer created using black colored mono crystalline and blue colored poly crystalline solar panels. The deer was chosen as a visual representation for its symbolic reference to the town's name ("Deer Mountain"). The planned 10 MW installation, located on 22 hectares of land and utilizing 30,000 solar PV panels can provide about 4,500 households with clean and locally generated renewable energy.

Polski Solar S.A. is committed to supporting Poland's EU member state renewable energy target of 15% by 2020.


Polski Solar Holding, a wholly owned subsidiary of Polski Solar S.A., is a leading solar photovoltaic (PV) and bioenergy developer in Poland.

The company headquarters are located in Wrocław, Lower Silesia, Poland. Polski Solar Holding has been actively forging partnerships with municipalities to co-develop and co-own energy-generating solar PV and bioenergy installations.

Polski Solar Holding's strategic focus is on the development and construction of solar PV and bioenergy projects in southern provinces of Poland. These provinces receive about 20% more irradiation than those of northern Poland and have an excellent power grid infrastructure.

PSH has focused its unique gmina partnership strategy on the provinces of Lower Silesia and Opole. The municipal partnerships formed within each province also qualify as "energy clusters" as defined in the newly enacted amendments to the RES Act. Energy clusters are entitled to participate in separate energy auctions and will have access to additional government support subsidies.

Currently, PSH, in partnership with 7 municipalities, is developing solar PV farms and bioenergy installations with a combined capacity of over 100 MW of generated output over the next few years.

The company is also growing a commercial rooftop and ground mount solar PV installation business with grid-independent solar PV solutions for smaller scale energy needs.