The Lower Silesian communities of Ciepłowody, Stoszowice, Ziębice and Ząbkowice Śląskie have established the Renewable Energy Cluster of Ziemi Ząbkowickiej. This is another initiative of this kind undertaken by Polish Solar Holding. Up to now, it has formed energy clusters with 20 Lower Silesian municipalities.

The construction of photovoltaic power plants and bio-energy plants is planned within the framework of the Renewable Energy Group of Ząbkowicka. These plants are to be built in five communities: Cieplovod, Stoszowice, Ziębice and Ząbkowice Śląskie.

Paweł Gancarz, the mayor of Stoszowice commented on why the local government decided on this step. – We have always taken an interest in hosting renewable energy projects. In fact, we were in the advanced planning phase of a wind farm project. Unfortunately, in the last stage it was blocked by the new RES law. We were waiting for another opportunity of partnering with external resources to build the infrastructure. The energy cluster will enable us to build a photovoltaic farm on the 5-hectare plot in Stoszowice. We plan to submit the first application for co-financing in September. The solar installation will reduce the costs of street lighting and maintenance of public buildings.

Gmina Ciepłowody has joined the Renewable Energy Group of Ząbkowicka, among others, attracted by the interest of entrepreneurs in the projects. – These developments are very important to us, and we also have signals that entrepreneurs are interested in investing in renewable energy. In addition, depending on the opportunities that will be generated by the recruitment, we will consider the issue of energy production for their own needs. This could also include geo-energy installations – says Łukasz Białkowski, community administrator of Gmina Ciepłowody.

Similar plans are under way in the municipality Ząbkowice Slaskie. – One of the ideas we want to implement in the Ząbkowice Śląskie municipality is the construction of photovoltaic panels on public buildings. This will allow for efficient energy management and limitation of consumption. – says Marcin Orzeszek, Mayor of Ząbkowice Śląskie.

The community of Ziębice is selecting land for investments related to the renewable energy clusters. – We have a lot of areas where we can build a photovoltaic power plant. However, the concrete decision has not yet been made. We are at the stage of land surveying. No matter where our farm is, we are delighted that we will contribute to environmental protection. – says Alicja Bira, Mayor of Ziębice.

The estimated capacity of the Renewable Energy Cluster of Ząbkowicka Land will amount to a planned potential of the installations in all four municipalities of about 15 MW (3 MW per municipality on average). Strzelin PS Energetyka Odnawialna estimates that about 80 million PLN is needed for the construction of RES resources for clusters.

The Renewable Energy Cluster of Ząbkowicka is the fifth such project in Poland implemented by local governments with the participation of Polski Solar Holding. To date the Renewable Energy Cluster of Wzgórz (Prusice, Oborniki Śląskie, Wisznia Mała, Wołów and Żmigród) was established, the Renewable Energy Cluster of the Lusatian Land (Olszyna, Gryfów Śląski, Leśna, Siekierczyn and Lubań), Izerski Renewable Energy Cluster (Mirsk, Wleń, Lubomierz, Lwówek Śląski and Stara Kamienica) and Renewable Energy Cluster of Wzgórz Strzelińskich (Domaniów, Kondratowice, Przeworno, Strzelin and Elbląg). Over 260 thousand residents in the 25 municipalities will be benefited by energy cluster electrical power generation projects.